Three Identical Strangers

Paul Williams, Sam Cooke, and Bobby Fuller. These three musicians were at the top of the charts,but the music industry has long been riddled with misfortune. The tragedy of losing these beautiful souls is overshadowed by the strange circumstances surrounding their deaths. One thing ties them all together, no one can quite decide how they died – the evidence just doesn’t add up. Murder? Suicide? Accident? Listen in as Steffanie and Aryn wade through the obscure details of their untimely demise.

Chick Hazard, Private Eye


Late comedian Phil Hartman is the subject of unlucky episode seven. Known for his time on Saturday Night Live and his secondary roles in pretty much every film ever made, Phil’s life and marriage were seemingly perfect. Of course, things are always very different when the spot lights fade. Join Steffanie and Aryn as they dive beyond the laughter and anecdotes to the seedy private life of one of America’s most beloved comics.

All duckies go to heaven

Judith Barsi

This week’s episode dives deep into the pits of Hollywood crime with the murder-suicide of the Barsi family in July of 1988. Judith Barsi was a promising up-and-coming starlet in the 1980’s with credits ranging from Cheers to The Twilight Zone. Not unlike most child stars, things for Judith were much different than they seemed on screen. With an alcoholic father and a battered mother in tow, Judith’s story was doomed before it began in this heart wrenching tale of Fame and Misfortune.

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Bunnies and Pimps and Murder, Oh My!

Dorothy Stratten

Steffanie takes the lead in the third episode of Fame and Misfortune. This episode focuses on the tragic death of an American icon, Dorothy Stratten. Though it was shortlived, her career made a lasting impression and her dismal end will not soon be forgotten.

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In The Begining

In the debut episode of Fame and Misfortune you’ll meet Steffanie and Aryn, coworkers in the beauty industry who bond over their love for true crime and celebrities! Listen to them discuss their favorite celebrity headlines ranging from Sid & Nancy to Princess Diana. It’s the podcast full of crime, glam, and social anxiety you didn’t know you needed!

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