A Dream needs Believing

Adrienne Shelly

November 1st 2006- Andy Ostroy walks into his wife’s NYC office apartment after not hearing from her since that morning. He and a doorman discover his wife’s body hanging from the shower in an apparent suicide. Adrienne Shelley was a promising up and comer in the film world, having just submitted the 2007 film Waitress to the Sundance Film Festival. She was happily married and a loving mother to her two year old daughter. Her husband insisted that she would never have taken her own life and prompted police to investigate further. What they found will shock you to your core.


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We Got De-Funct


Steffanie takes us all the way to South Africa this week for the brutal slaying of model and actress Reeva Steenkamp by paralympic medalist Oscar Pistorias. The story ruled the headlines when news broke of Steenkamp’s death in February 2013. This modern day whodunit shocked the world and set a gruesome new precedent for Celebrity slayings and sentencing.


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Bunnies and Pimps and Murder, Oh My!

Dorothy Stratten

Steffanie takes the lead in the third episode of Fame and Misfortune. This episode focuses on the tragic death of an American icon, Dorothy Stratten. Though it was shortlived, her career made a lasting impression and her dismal end will not soon be forgotten.

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Durst- Not Fred

robert durst

In the second Episode of the Fame and Misfortune podcast, Aryn and Steffanie discuss America’s favorite family screw up: Robert Durst. Durst led a troublesome life filled with suicide, missing persons, and cross dressing. The tale of Robert Durst is one that is sure to keep you wondering.

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In The Begining

In the debut episode of Fame and Misfortune you’ll meet Steffanie and Aryn, coworkers in the beauty industry who bond over their love for true crime and celebrities! Listen to them discuss their favorite celebrity headlines ranging from Sid & Nancy to Princess Diana. It’s the podcast full of crime, glam, and social anxiety you didn’t know you needed!

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